About Kevin Aton


I’ve been in the design industry for almost 4 years and helping small and medium businesses in developing their marketing and products. I was an in-house designer before for almost 2 years in a startup company. We’re helping companies in making their brands and developing their system and applications. Now I’m a freelance designer, and my main goal in life is to help other people make their dreams a reality.

I can rip off any design easily from web/mobile design, graphic design, video editing, animation, logo branding and more. I also have experience in converting psd to html/css, invision, wordpress, hubspot and instapage. You name it, I can do it. Here’s the list of tools I use in designing.

1. Photoshop
2. Illustrator
3. Adobe XD
4. After effects
5. Adobe premier pro
6. InDesign
7. Html/css
8. bootstrap
9. Blender
10. wordpress
11. hubspot
12. instapage
13. invisionapp